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Gambar Comet ISON Malaysia Terbaru Berita Gembira Atau Menakutkan?

comet ison tail
comet ison tail

Bakal lebih terang dari bulan bila hampir kepada matahari apakah ianya akan melepasi perilion atau terhempas ke matahari atau mungkin jatuh ke bumi berkecai serpihannya yg pasti dramatik – MRM

Comet ISON from November 15th. Now the show has really begun with it having undergone an outburst in activity and brightness. Sporting a dramatic and intricate tail. Photo credit Damianpeach deep sky

Exciting news or scary news. lol.

Comet ISON is undergoing a major outburst. It was six times brighter when observed this morning (November 14th) than on the previous morning.

6 times brighter in 24 hours. It’s almost half the distance from Earth to the Sun (within the orbit of Venus) and will come very close to it on it’s fast journey around our Star.

You’ll either have to stay up late or get up early to see this before sunrise. But do it!! Share with your friends.

“They say” this has never been here before. How do they know? Who knows how they even really know that. But if it keeps up this show…it’s going to freak you out!! lol

Shine bright like diamond in the sky!! Honey, why you no have boyfriend?

Well Comet Ison has many….it basically is being greeted by a convoy of 3 other comets inlcuding major comet lovejoy in the same part of the sky. So very intriguing. Pic below….

comet ison picture

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